How to Delete Stations on Pandora ?

  • You can make up to 100 special, modified stations utilizing Pandora music administration.
  • While this empowers you to tune in to essentially every sort of music you need, it could likewise be somewhat overpowering.

Instructions to Remove Stations From Pandora Online –

  • When you are signed into your Pandora account on the web, you can rapidly dispose of any stations you are never again intrigued by.

1. Sign into Pandora in your internet browser.

2. Select My Collection in the upper-left corner of the page to see the majority of your radio stations.

3. Point to the main station you need to erase, however don’t choose it. A Play bolt and a More catch show up on the collection spread showed.

4. Select the More choice, which resembles an ellipsis (…). A menu shows up.

5. Select Remove from your accumulation.

6. The Remove Station discourse seems to affirm that you need to erase the station. Snap OK.

7. Rehash with some other stations you need to erase on Pandora.

Step by step instructions to Delete Stations on Pandora on iOS or Android –

  • You can expel stations straightforwardly from the application on your cell phone. Open Pandora, erase stations.

1. Open your Pandor versatile application and sign in whenever incited.

2. Select the station you need to evacuate.

3. Select Edit from the base of the collection spread workmanship showed.

4. Look down to the base of the screen.

5. Select Delete Station.

6. Select Delete on the Delete Station? affirmation message that seems to show you truly wish to erase this station.

7. Rehash with some other stations you need to erase on Pandora.

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